1) How to measure a hollow box? a) Using a ruler b) Using cubes of 1cm3 c) Using a measuring cylinder 2) This hollow box need 8 of 1cm3 cubes to fill it up. What is the volume of this box? a) 8cm3 b) 12cm3 c) 16cm3 3) What is the volume of a hollow box if it needs 30 of 1cm3 cubes to fill it up? a) 3cm3 b) 15cm3 c) 30 cm3 4) What is the formula that can be used to measure volume of shapes? a) length x width x height b) length x width c) length x length 5) Which of these are correct for 10cm³? a) ten centimetre b) ten cubes c) ten cubic centimetre 6) What is the definition of volume? a) The amount of space which can be filled with solid, liquid or gas.d b) The size of a place of surface. c) The distance from end to end. 7) Calculate the volume of this hollow box. a) 10 cm3 b) 12 cm3 c) 14 cm3 8) Calculate how many of 1cm3 cubes will fill up this hollow box. a) 23  b) 25 c) 27 9) Calculate the volume of this shape. a) 6 units 3 b) 9 units 3 c) 12 units 3 10) Calculate the volume of the following blocks. a) 32 cm 3 b) 60 cm 3 c) 20 cm 3



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