1) Last Saturday, ___________ the football game was on the field, there was a terrible lightning strike. a) while b) whenever c) since 2) The town is always truck by flash floods ___________ the rain pours for just an hour. a) even though b) because c) whenever 3) We always play happily together. __________, once in a while, we have a fight. a) even though b) however c) although 4) The boy always gets a scolding from the headmistress, _________ the other students don't.  a) whereas b) however c) even though 5) The children are allowed to bring their handphones to school ________ they could contact their parents. a) so that b) even if c) because 6) _____________ we go we have to make sure we sanitize our hands and wear a mask. a) whenever b) ever c) wherever 7) ____________ we tried our best to complete the experiment, the results were still not satisfactory. a) wherever b) whenever c) even if 8) The ground is very hard __________ there hasn't been any rain in this area. a) because b) due to c) even if 9) _____________ the twins are identical, their characters are normally not. a) however b) but c) though 10) The fire alarm rang ______________ the children were going to jump into the pool. a) just as b) since c) although

Conjunctions: just as, while, even if, though, even though, however, whenever, wherever, whereas, so that



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