1) The deer ran ________ into the dense forest. a) quickly b) quick 2) The doctor spoke ____________ to the patient a) calm b) calmly 3) The doorbell rang _____________-. a) loud b) loudly 4) It rained _____________ last night. a) heavy b) heavily 5) John and Sylvia sang the song _____________ a) merry b) merrily 6) Puan Jamaliah asked the pupils to write the sentences ______________ a) neatly b) neat 7) Rakul eats the vegetables __________ because he doesn't like them. a) slow b) slowly 8) My mother spoke to him __________. a) clearly b) clear 9) I must get up __________ tomorrow morning. a) fast b) fastly 10) Jenny is tired because she has been working ______________ a) hardly b) hard

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