1) The _____ is in the grass. a) snake b) tiger c) giraffe 2) The _____ is on the log. a) frog b) butterfly c) crocodile 3) The _____ is on the flower. a) spider b) lizard c) butterfly 4) The _____ is in the tree. a) bird b) owl (猫头鹰) c) snake 5) The _____ is on the flower. a) butterfly b) spider c) snake 6) The _____ is in the water. a) crocodile b) frog c) tiger 7) The _____ is on the ground. a) lizard b) snake c) giraffe 8) The _____ is on the tree. a) crocodile b) butterfly c) lizard 9) The _____ is on the tree. a) chameleon (变色龙) b) frog c) snake 10) The _____ is in the tall grass. a) lion b) tiger c) giraffe 11) Why do animals use camouflage? (动物为什么使用伪装?) a) To hide (隐藏) & To stop from being eaten (避免被吃掉) b) To play with animals (和动物一起玩) c) To sleep (睡觉)

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