1) Which of the following is the other name for mobile learning? a) E- Learning b) M-Learning c) B-Learning 2) One of the important features of Mobile learning mentioned in the presentation just now? a) Costly  b) Interactive c) Friendly d) Flexible 3) Which one of these are the disadvantages of mobile learning? a) Access anywhere b) Encourages students c) variety of content d) Distraction 4) What is the purpose of mobile learning? a) Entertain the student with social media b) teach students how to use a phone c) Facilitate the creation of knowledge 5) What are the tools that are considered to be in Mobile Learning? a) Phone b) tablet c) calculator 6) Having Mobile learning in the classroom can save the teacher's time to check each of the student's progress in class. a) True b) False 7) One of the methods that can apply Mobile learning activities in the classroom is through________? a) QR codes activities b) Online quiz c) Phone call 8) "encourage collaborative learning" is of of the advantages of m-Learning. a) Yes b) No

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