1) State the function of wire gauze. a) To spreat heat evently b) To heat heterogeneous c) To hold or support apparactus d) To evaporate excess solvent 2) What is this symbol represents? a) Radioactive b) Corrosive c) Poisonous d) Flammable 3) How is the prefix value of "nano" a) 0.000 001 b) 0.001 c) 0.000 000 001 d) 1000 4) State the instruments to measuring length. a) stopwatch b) measuring tape c) thermometer d) measuring cylinder 5) What is the true formula of density? a) Density= Mass / Volume b) Density=Volume / Mass c) Mass=Density / Volume d) Mass=Volume / Density 6) What is the true phenomena around us a) Acid Rain b) Global Warming c) Lightning d) Tall buildings 7) State the correct function of burette a) To measure the volume of liquid accurately b) To measure a fixed volume of liquid c) To support apparactus during heating d) To measure the volume of liquid 8) How about this symbol?( Two answer ) a) Poison b) Tocix c) Toxic d) Corrosive 9) State the two sample of this symbol. a) Mercury b) Hydrogen c) uranium d) butane gas 10) What is the meaning of this symbol? a) Irritant b) Radioactive c) Flammable d) Explosive

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