1) What is the cell below that is Unicellular organisms . a) Mucor b) Hydra c) Amoeba d) Euglena 2) What is the cell below that is Multicellular organisms. a) Hydra b) Amoeba c) Chlamydomonas d) Euglena 3) What is the function of cell membrane in the plant cell? a) Control the flow of materials in and out of the cell b) Control all activities in the cell dan contains chorosomes consisting of deoxybonucleic acid (DNA) that caries genetic. c) Provides support to cells when filled with cell sap d) Produces energy for reactions 4) What is the true about similarities between animal cells and plant cells? a) Both of them cell wall b) Both of them have vacuole c) Both of them have nucleus d) Both of them can carry out photosynthesis process 5) What is the function of red blood cells? a) Increase the surface area to absorb water and nutrient b) Have no nucleus c) Change their form to surround foreign particles and destroy them d) contract and relax mucles to enable movement 6) What is the use of palisade cells in the plant cells? a) To carry out photosynthesis b) To reduce water loss c) To absorb water from the soil d) To control opening and closing of stoma 7) Cell --- Tissue --- ? --- Sytem ---Organism . Complete the order of cell organisation a) Brain b) Organ c) Stomach d) Organism 8) What system that is removes excretory waste from body? a) Excretoty system b) Skeletal system c) Lympathic system d) Excretory system 9) What is the place when occurs cell respiration? a) chloroplast b) nucleus c) mitochondria d) cytoplasm 10) Glucose + Oxygen -- Carbon dioxide + Water + Starch . What's wrong about this word equation? a) Glucose b) Carbon dioxide c) Oxygen d) Starch

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