1) We will clean the room ____________________. a) himself b) ourself c) yourself d) ourselves 2) "Take good care of _____________________," said Mrs Lim to her daughters. a) yourself b) yourselves c) ourselves d) themselves 3) Nita and I decided to design and make the pouches_______________________. a) ourself b) ourselves c) myself d) herself 4) The children cannot be in the kitchen by ______________ because they are too young. a) themself b) himself c) herself d) themselves 5) My mother is busy so I have to cook the noodles __________________. a) herself b) ourselves c) myself d) yourself 6) He was having his dinner ________________ the telephone rang. a) when b) until c) although d) so 7) Kim Hong had a toothache, _______ he went to the dentist. a) because b) so that c) while d) so 8) Dad went to bed early _____________ he was tired. a) because b) although c) but d) and 9) ___________ I was tired, I managed to complete my homework. a) Since b) As c) Although d) So 10) ___________ it is going to rain, I shall not go out to play. a) Although b) But c) So d) Since 11) We will either go shopping __________ bowling tomorrow. a) or b) and c) but d) so 12) He worked very hard _____________ he could pass the exam with flying colours. a) since b) because c) so that d) but 13) You cannot see the doctor _____________ you have an appointment. a) since b) because c) and d) unless 14) My brother slept early ____________ get up early the next morning. a) because b) but c) in order to d) since 15) John had a high fever _____________ he refused to see a doctor. a) but b) or c) although d) so 16) Jemima had to leave early __________ she had another meeting to attend. a) but b) as c) until d) unless 17) You will not be able to solve it ________________ you understand this question. a) since b) because c) unless d) but 18) ________________ painting, Zac also knows how to play the piano. a) Although b) Therefore c) Both d) Besides 19) The games Jonathan enjoys are football, hockey _________ badminton. a) as b) but c) and d) since 20) The lights went out ___________ I was reading. a) while b) since c) and d) but



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