Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) Zac _________ wears a jacket. He only wears it when he feels cold. a) always b) seldom c) usually d) never 2) Jason was _________ a stack of books when he tripped and fell. a) carrying b) carry c) carries d) carried 3) Sin Yee wants to buy a new handbag. _________ handbag is made of leather. a) A b) An c) The d) - 4) Jane _________ goes jogging in the park every evening. a) sometimes b) never c) seldom d) always 5) Saiful and Ahmad were _____________ when they heard a loud noise. a) slept b) sleep c) sleeping d) sleeps 6) Khairul __________ does his revision at the last minute. He knows that he must revise his lessons regularly. a) never b) always c) sometimes d) often 7) Gina bought _______ umbrella at the shop because it was raining heavily. a) a b) the c) - d) an 8) Jolene is using __________ pencil to write in her notebook. _______notebook is yellow. a) a, A b) a, The c) an, An d) an, The 9) Catherine ____________________________ a gift for her father's birthday yesterday evening. a) were buying b) was buying c) are buying d) is buying 10) I have __________ been to Japan. I would like to go there one day. a) never b) sometimes c) usually d) always



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