1) The gardener injured himself _____ my uncle took him to a doctor. a) because b) so c) and d) but 2) Father was sick _____ he did not go to work. a) but b) so c) although (虽然) d) because 3) We must complete the project today _____ Puan Amy will scold us. a) but b) or c) and d) therefore (所以/因此) 4) That girl finished her work first _____ she started late.  a) although (虽然) b) unless c) therefore (所以/因此) d) because 5) _____ Ali was small, he fought bravely. a) Therefore (所以/因此) b) Although (虽然) c) So d) But 6) The road up to the Gerik is narrow ____ winding. a) if b) but c) and d) because 7) The prefect stood up ____ gave a speech. a) so b) and c) because d) but 8) Nobody answered the door _____ Lee Lee left the book at the doorway.  a) but b) so c) and d) because 9) Ahmad wanted to go overseas to further his studies _____ his parents could not afford to pay for it. a) so b) and c) but d) because 10) Ayu is fat _____ she eats a lot of food. a) although (虽然) b) because c) but d) so

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