1) When is her birthday? a) on the twenty one June b) on the twenty first June 2) What is she going to have on her birthday? a) A party b) A vacation c) A Sleep over d) A cake 3) Who are going to come to her house? a) Her parents b) Her siblings c) Her friends d) Her teachers 4) What is Sabrina going to do on that day? a) decorate her house b) make a sandwich for them c) bake a chocolate cake d) play and dance 5) What is her mother going to make a) bake a chocolate cake b) bake a unicorn cake c) make some sandwiches d) make some cupcakes  6) What is her father going to make? a) Bake a unicorn cake b) Bake a chocolate cake c) Bake a cheesecake d) Bake some chocolate cupcakes

Sabrina's Diary Recap (Textbook pg 43) Module 4



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