1) What day is it? a) It's Wednesday afternoon. b) It's Wednesday morning. c) It's Wednesday night. d) It's wednesday afternoon. 2) Where are Fay and Ted? a) They're in toilet b) They're in house. c) They're in music room. d) They're in class. 3) What is Ted making? a) He's making noodles soup. b) He's making pancakes. c) He's making noodles soup with vegetables. d) He's making crepes. 4) Does Fay like cooking? a) Yes, she does. b) No, she doesn't. c) Yes, he does. d) No, he doesn't. 5) What has Fay got? a) She has got some meat. b) She has got some tomatoes and some meat. c) She has got a pineapple. d) She has got some meat, some tomatoes and a pineapple. 6) What is Fay making in Frame 2? a) It's a surprise. b) It's a wrap. c) It's a crepe. d) It's a cheeseburger. 7) Who's the winner of the competition in Frame 3? a) Fay is the winner. b) Fay and Ted are the winner. c) Ted is the winner. d) Sally is the winner. 8) Is Fay happy in Frame 3? a) Yes, she is. b) No, she isn't. 9) What does Fay's dad tell her? a) He tells her to cook with him. b) He tells her to word harder. 10) What do Fay and her dad do for a month? a) They play and play. b) They sleep and sleep. c) They run and run. d) They cook and cook. 11) What has Fay got in Frame 6? a) She has flour. b) She has flour and milk. c) She has flour, milk, chocolate and eggs. d) She has milk and eggs. 12) What is Fay making in Frame 7? a) She is making a chocolate cake. b) She is making a vanilla cake. c) She is making pandan cake. d) She is making an ice cream cake. 13) What is Miss Tulip doing in Frame 7? a) She is trying Sally's chocolate pancakes. b) She is trying Ted's chocolate pancakes. c) She is trying Fay's chocolate pancakes. d) She is trying Fay's chocolate cake. 14) Are Fay's pancakes delicious? a) Yes, they are. b) No, they aren't. 15) Who is the winner of the cooking competition in Frame 7? a) Fay is the winner. b) Sally is the winner. c) Ted is the winner. d) Nobody is the winner.




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