1) Where are the children? a) at home b) in the classroom c) in the zoo d) on the bus 2) What are they doing? a) having a lesson b) talking c) playing d) leaving the classroom 3) Where are they going tomorrow? a) school b) home c) zoo d) bus 4) Who is Mrs Rama? a) their mother b) their sister c) their guardian d) their teacher 5) How will they get to the zoo? a) by car b) by plane c) by bike d) by bus 6) What time will they leave tomorrow? a) 10:00 b) 10:10 c) 10:05 d) 10:50 7) How long does it take by bus to the zoo? a) 10 minutes b) 40 minutes c) 50 minutes d) an hour 8) What time will they arrive at the zoo? a) 10:00 b) 10:05 c) 10:10 d) 10:50 9) What do you think they will see at the zoo? a) Lion b) Tiger c) Panda d) Monkey e) Tortoise f) Shark 10) Have you ever been to a zoo before? a) Yes, I have. b) No, I have not.



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