Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) Why is the tunnel built in the shape of an arch? a) So that the structure is more stable b) So that the structure looks attractive c) So that the structure is stronger and tougher d) So that it is easier to pass through 2) Which technology can increase the quantity of production of manufactured goods? a) Aeroplane b) Laptop c) Factory's machine d) CT scan machine 3) What are the factors that affect the stability of a building? a) Type of material and shape b) Base area and shape c) Height and base area d) Height and type of material 4) Which of the following is an advantage of transporting technology? a) Road Congestion b) Save travelling time c) Increase the rate of accidents d) Release excessive carbon monoxide gas into the air 5) Which statement is correct about the inventions of modern technology (Handphones, bridges, trains)? a) Reduce cost b) Save time c) Make travelling easier d) Effective communication



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