Yes: Monkey - People ask Mowgli to be their leader, Monkey - People take Mowgli and jump from tree to tree, Mowgli asks Chill to tell Baloo and Bagheera that he needs help, Baloo, the bear and Bagheera, the panther are Mowgli's friends, The Monkey-People are Mowgli's new friends, Monkey -People want Mowgli to become their leader, Mowgli asks Chil, the bird to tell Baloo and Bagheera to help him, No: Mowgli lives in the jungle with Mother Fox and Father Fox, Bagheera wants to find Kaa, the cobra to help them, Mowgli lives in the city, Mowgli feel sad in the jungle, Mowgli's friends are happy with the Monkey-People,

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