1) Sam is ______ since I last saw him. a) as fat as b) fatter c) fattest d) more fat 2) The laptop is ________ than the desktop. a) light b) lighter c) more lighter d) lightest 3) Which of the three glasses has the ________ amount of orange juice? a) little b) less c) least d) lesser 4) Which is ________? The hippo or the rhino? a) strong b) as stronger as c) more stronger d) stronger 5) This is _______________ toy robot I have ever bought. a) expensive b) more expensive c) the most expensive d) as expensive as 6) Joel is ________ at many types of sports. a) good b) better c) the best d) as good 7) Christina is the _______ singer in the country.  a) famous b) more famous c) most famous d) famously 8) My father works _________ than my mother. a) longest b) longer c) long d) as long as 9) I put ______ sugar in this puddings. a) little b) less c) least d) the most little 10) The cinema is _______ from my house than the library. a) far b) the farthest c) more farther d) farther

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