Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) How can millipede protect itself from enemies? a) It has skin with hard scales b) It has a venomous sting to sting their enemies c) curl up its body to protect the delicate parts d) live in groups 2) Who has the complete set of teeth as above? a) Amni that aged 6 years old b) Azizul that aged 1 month old c) Natasya that aged 18 years old d) Nabil that aged 11 years old 3) What characteristics that these animal have to adapt themselves to the extreme cold weather? a) Have thick fur and small ears b) Have small ears and thick layer of fat c) Have small ears and long tail d) Have thick layer of fat and long tail 4) What is the characteristic that these plant have to adapt themselves to the climate? a) Have long roots b) Have water c) Have wax-coated leaves d) Shedding its leaves 5) Which of the following explains the behaviour of the animals? a) Animals protect their eggs b) Animals protect their young c) Animals take care of their young from enemies d) Animals ensure the survival of their species 6) What is the property of cooking oil? a) Acid b) I not sure c) Alkali d) Neutral 7) What characteristics of the plant which enable it to be dispersed by its dispersal agent? a) Has sponge and absorb water b) Has air spaces and waterproof c) Can be eaten directly d) Small and has long stalk 8) In this phase, the dark part of the Moon's surface is facing the Earth. This phase is called ______. a) Full Moon b) Crescent Moon c) Half Moon d) New Moon 9) Why do humans need to excrete? a) To get rid of water from the body b) To get rid of waste products from the body c) To get rid of oxygen from the body d) To get rid of faeces from the body 10) Mosquitoes breathe through a) gills b) lung c) spiracle d) trachea



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