1) The children _________ the book at the park yesterday. a) read b) reading c) red 2) Manan ______ a slice of pizza last night. a) eat b) eating c) ate 3) The ambulance _______ the injured man to the hospital. a) take b) taking c) took 4) Ali ____ the homework this morning. a) do b) does c) did 5) The old couple ____ on the bench in the park last week. a) sit b) sitting c) sat 6) Michael and Jane _______ presents to each other. a) gives b) gave c) gaving 7) Amir _____ the piano yesterday. a) play b) playing c) played 8) Jekfer _______ in the sea yesterday afternoon. a) swim b) swam c) swamming 9) It ______ a lot yesterday. a) rain b) raining c) rained 10) Maria _____ the litter into the recycling bin. a) drop b) dropping c) dropped



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