Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) Sybil Kathigasu real name is.......................... a) Sybil Gasu b) Sybil Daly c) Sylvia Daly d) Slyvia Gasu 2) Sybil Kathigasu was an.................nurse. a) Malaysian b) Indian c) Eurasian d) Korean 3) Where did she born? a) Jakarta, Indonesia b) Medan, Indonesia c) Seremban, Malaysia d) Keralla, India 4) Who she married to? a) Labor b) Teacher c) Doctor d) Soldier 5) What did they do at the clinic? a) supplied medicines and information to the anti-Japanese army b) supplied food and medicine c) supplied medicines to the Japanese soldier d) supplied clothes and food 6) What the Japanese do when they knew she was helping the people against them? a) killed b) slave c) arrested d) hunt 7) What did she do when being tortured for three years? a) she reveal all the information b) she get sick c) she did not reveal any information d) she tells everyone about the plan against the Japanese 8) Why did Sybil flown to England in 1945? a) to receive medal b) to get medical treatment c) to enjoy holiday d) to buy medicine 9) What did she recieve for her courage and bravery? a) Courage Medal b) George Medal c) Bravery Medal d) Shaheizy Medal 10) Why is Sybil remembered as a real life heroes? a) She was a brave freedom fighter who sacrificed her life for the people. b) She was a kind nurse who operated clinic quietly. c) She was a brave fighter who sell medicine to the Japanese army. d) She was one of the anti-Japanese army.



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