1) Look over there! There photographer and his friend ________ on the boat. a) is b) are c) was d) were 2) __________ must try this new dessert she made a) You b) Your c) Yours d) Mine 3) The lady __________ painted this picture is over there. a) whom b) which c) who d) why 4) Put the old glass bottles __________ the brown recycling bin. a) at b) in c) under d) among e) between f) against 5) The students ___________ to plant some trees a) plans b) will plans c) is planning d) are planning e) was planning 6) Of course all the swimmers spend a lot of time together. As the saying goes,__________ a) beggars can't be choosers b) two heads are better than one c) birds of a feather flock together d) never look a gift horse in the mouth. 7) Since the school was over, the children waited outside the gate. Two men _______ selling the tidbits from van. a) is b) are c) was d) were 8) Faizal was hungry but he ______________ buy anything from them. a) do not b) does not c) did not d) will not 9) When he looked into __________ bag, he founded some biscuits in it. He knew his mother would not want him eating junk food. a) he b) his c) him d) himself e) her f) herself 10) We were driving to my grandparents' house up north when mother ____________ to rest for a while. a) decide b) decided c) will decide d) is deciding e) were decided 11) We stopped in front of a farm with a scarecrow. I walked around and the leaned _____________ the car. a) over b) among c) through d) against e) on f) away 12) My sister stayed in the car. She sat with her head ___________ of the window. a) in b) by c) out d) down 13) Malaysia is _____________ multi-racial country. a) a b) an c) the d) - 14) Tapah is __________________ beautiful town a) - b) an c) a d) the 15) Ipoh is ________________ capital city of Perak a) a b) an c) - d) the 16) ___________________ Jalur Gemilang is our national anthem. a) q b) an c) the d) - 17) In school, we learn and sing ____________ patriotic songs. a) - b) a c) an d) the 18) During school holiday, we visit many places in ______________ country. a) a b) an c) the d) - 19) Zulaikha have her lunch _____________ two. a) on b) in c) at d) - 20) Haziq works _______________ Raju Grocers in Bidor. a) on b) in c) at d) - 21) En Roslan is resting ______________ his room. a) at b) on c) in d) - 22) I will arrive ___________ ten minutes. a) - b) at c) on d) in 23) Mdm Ros is waiting for the bus _________ the bus station. a) in b) on c) - d) at 24) Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation a) "Congratulations. we are proud of you." Said Melly b) "Congratulations! We are proud of you," said Melly. c) "Congratulations" "We are proud of you!" said Melly.   d) "Congratulations, we are proud of you,." said Rita 25) What does gave me a hand mean? a) Advised b) Talked c) Drew d) Helped e) Mocked



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