Sneller betere lessen maken
1) Silent Night was written in 1818. How many years ago was that? a) 196 years b) 198 years c) 202 years d) 102 years 2) Tom and Sharon put 18 ornaments on the tree. Tom put on twice as many as Sharon. How many did Sharon place? a) Six ornaments b) Four ornaments c) No ornaments d) Twelve ornaments 3) Each roll of ribbon is 30 metres long. Each parcel takes 90cm. How many parcels can be wrapped? a) 33 parcels b) 34 parcels c) 30 parcels d) 35 parcels 4) Mr Peters is putting lights around 6 windows. Each window is 3½m wide and 5m long. How many metres of lights does he need? a) 105 metres b) 17½ metres c) 30 metres d) 95 metres 5) A shop hires 4 Santas who see 100 children a day. If they work for 30 days, how many children will they see? a) 12000 children b) 4000 children c) 1200 children d) 400 children

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