I don't have the en____gy to go to the party tonight. Will you consid____ skipping the game and going out with me this weekend? I need you to ret____n my notes so I can study. I need you to be conc____ned with your own grades and not worry about mine. Please do not dist____b me while I'm studying. The only way you will s____vive is to build your foundational skills now. You will need them later. ____fection is an ideal to which we can aspire, but remember: If you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll still fall among the stars. The recov____y after contracting COVID can be slow, but you'll get there. I am int____ested in what you have to say, I'm just distracted by trying to fix this thing. Do you mind if we talk later? You have built a st____dy foundation for your go-cart. I'm looking forward to seeing your body work.

8.3 drag and drop er, ir, ur into multisyllabic words


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