Sneller betere lessen maken
1) This person is quick at learning things a) talkative b) clever c) quiet d) hard-working 2) She has... a) straight hair. b) short hair. c) curly hair. d) wavy hair 3) He... a) has a beard. b) is bald c) has a moustache. d) has short blonde hair. 4) This person likes giving things to others. a) friendly. b) kind. c) funny. d) generous. 5) LEGGINGS a) b) c) d) 6) Lucy isn't __________ her wedding ring. How strange! a) using b) carrying c) dressing d) wearing 7) Have you already __________ the flights? a) booked b) hired c) had d) spent 8) After lunch, we went ___________. a) on holiday. b) abroad. c) away for the weekend. d) sightseeing. 9) I need to speak ____________ the meeting. a) to Martin of b) with Martin of c) to Martin about d) with Marting about 10) My sister spends a lot of money _______ candies and chocolate. a) in b) at c) to d) on 11) Did you pay ________ the meal? a) of b) for c) to d) at 12) He studies _________ university. a) at b) in c) on d) for 13) Have you __________ any plans for this weekend? a) made b) done c) prepared d) had 14) The river was really .... a) noisy. b) boring. c) dangerous. d) polluted. 15) It's a .... a) mosque. b) church. c) cathedral. d) temple. 16) Can I ________ your phone? My battery is flat. a) buy b) lend c) borrow d) send 17) Jack ____________ his math exam last term. a) caught b) failed c) sold d) left 18) Could your mechanic _________ your car? a) mend b) get c) break d) turn 19) We've decided ________ to USA for our holiday. a) to go b) going c) go d) went 20) Kelly offered _______ me with my homework. a) helping b) help c) helped d) to help 21) I'd like _________ my own house some day. a) to have b) had c) have d) having 22) Have you finish ________ your bedroom? a) tidying b) to tidy c) tidied d) tidy 23) Margaret tried ________ her bike herself but she couldn't. a) fixing b) fix c) to fix d) fixed 24) Do you feel like ________ out? a) go b) to go c) went d) going

EF Pre-Intermediate U 1-7b Revision


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