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1) Giving pupils praise... a) I praise all my pupils as much as I can. b) I only praise my pupils when they really deserve it. c) Praise is more important for low-attaining pupils to help build their confidence. d) I praise high-attaining pupils more often because they usually get things right. 2) Pupils learn better when they discover things for themselves. a) I disagree: direct instruction by the teacher is more effective than learning by discovery. b) Discovery learning is only effective with high achieving groups. c) Discovery learning is only effective with low achieving groups. d) I agree: discovery learning is effective with all pupils. 3) Pupils should be setted for the first time in... a) Year 7 b) Year 8 c) Year 10 d) It makes little difference. 4) Poor confidence and motivation... a) Needs to be addressed before teaching new material. b) Can be addressed by lavishing praise on pupils. c) Can be addressed by getting pupils to experience success in learning. d) None of the above. 5) I plan lessons taking into account pupils' preferred learning styles... a) in every lesson. b) in most lessons. c) in some lessons. d) not at all. 6) In my lessons, I try to ensure learners are listening actively rather than passively... a) almost always b) most of the time c) occasionally d) never

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