Sneller betere lessen maken
1) It was a big brown ____. a) bare b) bear c) baer 2) He couldn't work ____ computer. a) there b) their c) they're 3) "Thanks for the cake!" ____ Jonny. a) sed b) seed c) said 4) He wanted to ____ to the party, but his Mum wouldn't let him. a) come b) cum c) comb 5) "That looks like a nice shirt," he _____. a) fought b) thought c) fort 6) After football you need to change your ____ a) cloths b) cloves c) clothes 7) His favourite sport was ____. a) swiming b) swimming c) swimmin 8) He ____ they'd lost the match. a) herd b) heard c) hered 9) Where ____ next? a) too b) to c) two 10) It's the best, ____ it lasts longer. a) becouse b) because c) beecause

Misspelt words in sentences


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