1) In Poland, August is .... than April. a) hottest b) hoter c) hotter 2) Jack is good at maths. Actually, he is ...... in our class. a) the best b) best c) better 3) I'm busy at the moment, so maybe we could meet at a ...... time? a) late b) the latest c) later 4) For me, shopping is one of ....... free time activities. a) most exciting b) more exciting c) the most exciting 5) It's one of ....... meals I've ever had in a restaurant. a) worst b) the worst c) worse 6) These shoes don't fit. I think I need a ....... size. a) biggest b) the bigger c) bigger 7) The Ice Cream Farm (UK) is ..... ice cream centre in the world. a) the largest b) largest c) larger





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