1) Only after _______ did they relax a) he had left b) had he left 2) On no condition _____ take these pills without consulting your doctor first a) you should b) should you 3) Not until _____ a massage did I realise how stressed out I'd been a) I'd had b) had I had 4) Little _______ that the treatment would be so expensive  a) she realised b) did she realise 5) No sooner _____ the yoga class than I began to to feel better a) I'd started b) had I started 6) ______ for her help, we wouldn't have got home that night a) Hadn't it been b) Had it not been 7) Hardly had I got through the door ____ the phone rang a) when b) than 8) No sooner had he got the job ____ he asked for a pay rise a) than b) when 9) Not since the 90s _____ written such a superb novell a) he has b) has he 10) Not a soul _____ on our journey a) we saw b) did we see




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