1) Plants such as ___ are all the same colour. a) grapes, aubergine and beetroot b) spinach, chives and lettuce c) garlic, onion and plum 2) ___ are not dairy products. a) Low-fat spread and hard cheese b) Whipped cream and eggsa c) Cereal and corn flakes 3) If she wants to serve poutry, she should buy ___. a) a turkey b) some pork c) a piece of beef 4) You need flour, eggs, yeast and jam to make ___. a) cheesecake b) brownie c) doughnuts 5) Our ___ food requirement depends on aour age and lifestyle. a) sparkle b) daily c) healthy 6) It's important to limit ___ foods like chips or pork chops. a) baked b) fried c) roasted 7) 1) Don't forget to ___ the soup - it isn't tasty now. 2) What is your favourite ___ of the year? a) pinch b) season c) time 8) 1) Why don't you ___ the onions? 2) His favourite Polish dish is pork ___. a) roast b) mix c) chop 9) 1) Chips and ___ mean the same thing. 2) She always ___ meat instead of stewing it. a) fries b) peels c) boils 10) 1) You'd better ___ the pot and turn down the gas. 2) Never judge a book by its ___. a) take b) cover c) plate





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