1) What is it ? a) a river b) a red bus c) a bridge 2) What is it? a) Buckingham Palace b) Tower Bridge c) Oxford Street 3) What is the name of the river in London? a) the Cam b) the Mersey c) the Thames 4) The London Eye is .... the river Thames. a) in front of b) behind c) next to 5) There are .... on the river Thames a) bridges b) boats c) parks 6) What is it? a) Tower Bridge b) Green Park c) Oxford Street 7) There are lots of .... in Oxford Street. a) hospitals b) shops c) garages 8) Green Park is next to ... a) Tower Bridge b) Oxford Street c) Buckingham Palace 9) What is it? a) the River Thames b) Tower Bridge c) a school 10) How many bedrooms are there in Buckingham Palace? a) 420 b) 120 c) 240





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