I have worked as an engineer for two years., My brother has driven a car before., They haven’t phoned me., I have made you a cup of coffee., Have you seen the lion?, The class has been outside for recess., She has watched this movie several times., I haven’t seen Mary recently., We haven’t gone to watch the new movie., My mother has just cleaned the house., My son has been sick since Monday., I’ve known Mark for 7 or 8 years., I have eaten lunch., Have you read this book yet?, I have been to Madrid recently., I’ve worked here since April., I haven’t bought the book yet., We have never tried to invent something new., I have never seen such an expensive house., Her attitudes have changed a lot since you last saw her., She has already come., My brothers haven’t ever gone to Spain., He has broken his leg., I have had five quizzes so far., Have you finished your homework?, They have bought the notebook., Have you ever been to Mexico?, Nobody has ever said that to me before., I have been to China 4 times., Samuel hasn’t called for eight months., George has never traveled by train., I have already seen that movie., Have you done your homework?, They have earned a lot of money., Football teams have scored a lot of goals this season., I have never seen a famous person., I’ve visited four of our clients today., I have already ironed the shirts., Who have you spoken with?, She has never been here., I have cleaned my room., Has the post arrived yet?, He has just scored a goal., They’ve not played basketball., Doctors have found cures for many diseases., Alexis has run three miles., Have you finished reading the newspaper yet?, I have already written the report., I have never seen the lake., Has your brother finished decorating yet?.




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