1) James Naismith ______ the game of basketball in 1891. a) invented b) exhibited 2) Susan Kare ____ many computer icons like "save". a) discovered b) designed 3) I've just ____ a new version of Word onto my computer. a) invented b) installed 4) Last week, I ____ a new bag from an old pair of jeans. a) created b) discovered 5) Next year, the gallery will ____ some of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. a) install b) exhibit 6) Isaac Newton ____ gravity in 1687. a) designed b) discovered 7) Wilhelm Roentgen ____ the first ever X-ray picture in 1895. It was an X-ray of his wife's hand! a) produced b) improved 8) Hans Lippershey made the first telescope in 1608 and then Galileo ____ and ____ a much better one in 1609. a) installed / produced b) improved / produced c) improved / discovered d) installed / discovered




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