1) How many __________ do you have? a) child b) children c) childs 2) I like your jeans. __________ new? a) Are they b) Is it c) Is they 3) Could you give me __________ about courses? a) an advice b) some advice c) some advices 4) Do you read ________ newspaper every day? a) a b) one c) an 5) Our children like riding so we keep _________ . a) an horse b) horses c) a horses 6) Don't look at _________ . It can hurt your eyes. a) a sun b) sun c) the sun 7) Would you like ________ chocolate biscuit? a) a last b) the last c) last 8) We haven't got ________ milk left. a) some b) any c) a 9) How ________ the bus ticket to the town centre? a) much is b) many is c) much are 10) I don't have a lot of time to help you, but I have _______ time on Friday. a) a bit of b) a few c) much 11) Most ________ here have at least four weeks' holiday from work a year. a) of people b) the people c) of the people 12) None of the furniture in the flat _______ new. a) is b) isn't c) are 13) I like _______ her brothers. They are nineteen and twenty-one. a) most of b) both of c) all of 14) I can't come out this evening. I've got ________ homework. a) much b) a lot of c) many 15) Can you pay for the drinks? I haven't got _______ money. a) many b) too much c) enough

Escape Room - Mission 1 - Using nouns




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