1) George likes me but I don't like ______ . a) him b) he c) his 2) That's a nice mobile phone. Does _______ take photos? a) he b) she c) it 3) Who's that in the photo? It's ________ . a) we b) us c) I 4) Do you like _______ ? a) Anna's cooking b) cooking of Anna c) Anna' cooking 5) David is _________ . a) brother of Alan b) Alan's brother c) Alans' brother 6) She lives in the ________ , near the Empire State building. a) New York's centre b) New York centre c) centre of New York 7) I feel sick and ________ head hurts. a) the b) mine c) my 8) This dictionary doesn't belong to me. It's ________ . a) her b) hers c) her's 9) Don't touch that! It's ________ . a) the mine b) mine c) my 10) We enjoyed ________ at the concert. a) themselves b) yourselves c) ourselves 11) Where are my keys? I can't find them ________ . a) anywhere b) nowhere c) somewhere 12) Everybody in my town _______ friendly. a) are b) aren't c) is

Escape room - Mission 2 - Pronouns and possesives




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