Present Simple: They are tall., She doesn't work in the office., She is 19 years old., Mike and Jane don't talk together., Jak wants to be free., Is it good?, Are you happy?, Present Continuous: I'm watching a TV series., Jimmy is running to school., I'm living in London., They are going to school. , She's having a shower., Are you feeling happy?, Is she doing good?, Past Simple: We were in Warsaw., They caught a fish., Did they win a cup., She didn't do her homework., I wasn't here., Was she happy?, Past Continuous: She was going too school., Were they doing their homework?, Was he travelling by ship?, We weren't catching fish., Were you doing good?, Was she feeling happy?, Present Perfect: She has had lunch., They haven't gone to school., Have you visited Warsaw?, Have they caught a fish?, It hasn't been here., Have you been happy?, Future: They won't win a cup., Will you live in Warsaw?, She will travel by ship., I am going to go to school., Are they going to be happy?, Is it going to fall?, He is going to go to school.,




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