1) The ice cream ______ . a) tastes delicious b) delicious tastes c) delicious 2) John's very ________ because it's his birthday tomorrow. a) excited b) exciting c) excitement 3) Make sure you answer the questions ________ . a) careful b) carefuller c) carefully 4) The weather is usually _______ in London than in Edinburgh. a) dryer b) drier c) dryly 5) Carlo's watch was _______ than Silvia's. a) expensiver b) more expensive c) expensive more 6) I think beach holidays are ________ than skiing holidays. a) better b) good c) more good 7) Mr Davidson is the ________ person in our street. a) more friendly b) friendliest c) friendlyest 8) This exercise isn't as difficult ________ the last one. a) like b) as c) than 9) I don't like swimming in the sea. The water isn't _______ . a) warm enough b) too warm c) enough warm 10) Terry can't vote. He's fifteen so he's ______ . a) young enough b) young too c) too young

Escape Room - Mission 4 - Adjectives and adverbs




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