1) Jane is a nurse. She _______ in a hospital. a) works b) is working c) work 2) Laptop computers _____ batteries. a) are using b) uses c) use 3) My uncle ______ near here. a) not lives b) doesn't lives c) doesn't live 4) ______ coffee in the mornings? a) Do you drink b) Does you drinks c) Drink you 5) I ______ a big brakfast. a) am having always b) always have c) have always 6) I'm afraid the baby ______ very well. a) isn't sleeping b) not sleeps c) is sleeping not 7) My mobile isn't working so I _____ my sister's phone. a) using b) 'm using c) use 8) What ______ right now? a) do you do b) are you doing c) are doing you 9) Carol usually ______ to work but this week she's taking the bus. a) is driving b) drives c) isn't driving 10) You are wrong. I ______ with you. a) don't agree b) 'm not agreeing c) 'm not agree 11) ______ the tickets and passports? a) Got you b) Have you got c) Do you have got 12) Dave isn't very well; he ______ a bad cold. a) is having b) 's got c) 've got 13) My parents ______ a car. a) don't have b) do have not c) have not 14) Isabel _____ dark hair and brown eyes. a) is b) has c) is having 15) Every morning I ______ before breakfast. a) make shower b) am showering c) have a shower

Escape Room - Mission 5 - Present tenses




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