1) My watch _____ working yesterday. It needs a new battery. a) stoped b) was stoped c) stopped 2) I _____ my little sister to the zoo last Sanday. a) take b) took c) taked 3) ______ to Rebecca's party last night? a) Did you go b) Went you c) Did you went 4) Those shops are new; they ______ here ten years ago. a) didn't be b) weren't c) wasn't 5) We _____ dinner at 8 o'clock last night. a) were eating b) was eating c) did eating 6) I ______ living there in October. a) weren't b) didn't c) wasn't 7) When we got there, it was cold but it ______ . a) wasn't raining b) not rain c) rained 8) The children were having breakfast when the postman ____ . a) did arrive b) was arriving c) arrived 9) Jeremy _____ his car to the garrage six times last year. a) took b) taking c) was taking 10) We ran to the station and _____ the first train we saw. a) were getting on b) got on c) was getting on 11) I got a text message while I _____ for the bus. a) was waiting b) waited c) were waiting 12) When I was a child I _____ stay up late. a) didn't used to b) used to not c) didn't use to 13) _____ go to the same school as my sister? a) Did you use to b) Did you used to c) Did use you 14) My best friend _____ to a fantastic concert last Saturday. a) was going b) used to go c) went 15) My aunt ______ in an international bank for fifteen years. a) use to work b) worked c) used to work

Escape Room - Mission 6 - Past tenses




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