1) That's the biggest cat I _____ . a) see b) have ever seen c) saw 2) Luisa _____ to the shops. a) has gone b) has been c) went 3) Don't feed the dog. I've ______ . a) done it yet b) already done it c) done already it 4) Is Mary here? No, she _____ . a) hasn't arrived yet b) yet hasn't arrived c) has arrived yet 5) Oliver hasn't seen his daughter ______ . a) since two years b) two years ago c) for two years 6) I _____ on the farm during the summer last year. a) worked b) have worked c) work 7) Have you had breakfast ______ ? a) yesterday b) an hour ago c) this morning 8) I _____ five times to tidy your room. Now do it! a) 've asked b) ask c) asked

Escape Room - Mission 7 - Present Perfect




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