1) If people eat too much, they _____ fat. a) get b) got c) are getting 2) If you _____ the key, tha car starts. a) turned b) turn c) will turn 3) If it isn't sunny, we ______ to the beach. a) went b) didn't go c) won't go 4) If you take me to the shops, I ______ some food for supper. a) 'll buy b) buy c) bought 5) If the hotel receptionist ______ us a better room, we'll give her some money. a) gave b) will give c) gives 6) If I ______ to Gdansk, I'll call you. a) come b) 'll come c) came 7) Jake _______ a pay increase if he finishes the management course. a) got b) didn't get c) will get 8) If you make lunch, I _____ the dishes. a) 'll do b) do c) don't do 9) If the restaurant is really expensive, we _____ there. a) didn't eat b) ate c) won't eat 10) If we had a garden, we ______ a pet. a) got b) would get c) will get 11) If I ____ a million dollars, I'd spend the money on a fast car. a) have b) will have c) had 12) If I were you, I _____ the job. a) would take b) take c) took

Escape Room - Mission 9 - Conditionals




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