1) 1. Smoking kills millions of people every year 2) 2. They will open the new cinema next week. 3) 3. My boss told me not to come in today. 4) 4. Someone made these shoes in Italy. 5) 5. The president will give a speech tonight. 6) 6. People didn’t use credit cards much 30 years ago. 7) 7. The Chinese invented gunpowder. 8) 8. They will ask you many questions at the job interview 9) 9. More than 100 bees stung a friend of mine. 10) 10. Someone sells coconuts at the beach. 11) 11. I think Picasso painted some of the most expensive paintings ever. 12) 12. Many consider U2 the most successful band ever. 13) 13. People speak English here. 14) 14. The police arrested five smugglers at the airport yesterday 15) 15. I think they will find a cure for AIDS soon. 16) 16. A shark almost killed a surfer at Bondi beach. 17) 17. Lifeguards warned us not to swim in that area. 18) 18. They fired 300 people last year. 19) 19. The police gave her the bad news last night. 20) 20.They cut down thousands of trees every day. 21) 21. They’ll soon build another dam next year. 22) 22. The company gave us a pay rise.




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