1) I’ve never done it before, but they told me: ‘ Don’t be a chicken, go ______ it! ‘. a) to b) by c) for d) ahead 2) I’ve no clue where he has got ________ - he should be here 20 minutes ago. a) up with b) to c) for d) ahead 3) She went _________ all the documents but couldn’t find what she was looking for. a) by b) through c) off d) up 4) Let’s see who has come _____________ the best idea! a) up b) across c) at d) up with 5) You really shoud give ___________ working so long! a) to b) up c) over d) for 6) I went __________ men after my husband had left me. a) on b) off c) up with d) through 7) If you want to add somenthing, now’s the time – go ________. a) ahead b) on c) up d) over 8) I’m dead bored – time goes __________ so slowly! a) over b) on c) up d) by 9) What have I done to you? Why are you constatntly getting ______ me? a) through b) across c) ahead d) at 10) She loved him so much that she couldn’t get __________ him for ages after they had split.. a) up b) by c) at d) over 11) I came ____________ these old photos recently. a) up b) over c) across d) through 12) Sorry for interupting. Go _______ (= continue). a) on b) at c) off d) by





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