1) If he doesn't pay the fine... a) he will go to prison. b) he would go to prison. c) he had gone to prison. 2) If the temperature falls below 0°C,... a) water will turn into ice. b) water turns into ice. c) water turned into ice. 3) If they hadn't been acting like this,... a) the teacher wouldn't have been angry. b) the teacher hadn't been angry. c) the teacher wouldn't be angry. 4) I would support the charity... a) , if I won the lottery. b) if I won the lottery c) if I would win the lottery. d) , If I would win the lottery. 5) Supposing you were fired,... a) what will you do? b) what had you done? c) what would you do? 6) I'll water the plants... a) providing I have time this afternoon. b) providing I will have time this afternoon. c) if I will have time this afternoon. d) if I had time this afternoon. 7) ..., he would make fewer mistakes. a) If he will more careful b) He were more careful c) Unless he were more careful d) Were he more careful 8) ..., you'll get a bad result. a) Unless you take the test b) Unless you don't take the test c) Unless you will take the test




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