1) Where ... on holiday last summer? a) had you gone b) did you go 2) I ... an omlette when the phone rang. a) was making b) made 3) I ... dinner by the time Ted came home. a) was already making b) had already made 4) Sue ... video games while I was watching TV. a) played b) was playing 5) We finished our homework and ... to the park. a) went b) had gone 6) At ten o'clock last night, Sam ... a) slept b) was sleeping 7) By the time police arrived, the thieves ... a) had left b) had been leaving 8) I was making the cake while Harry ... dinner a) cooked b) was cooking 9) Ted got up, had a shower and then ... to school. a) went b) was going 10) Stan ... TV at 8 o'clock last night. a) had watched b) was watching 11) Carol ... for 5 hours before she went to bed. a) had been studying b) had studied 12) We ... dinner when the phone rang. a) made b) were making




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