Our flight was in the morning, and my parents decided to see us ____. They drove us to the airport, which should have been quicker than taking a bus, but we were held ____ in a traffic jam on the way. We checked ____ at the last moment. But as the plane ____ on the runway I forgot all my earlier worries and thought only of the fun we were going to have in America. We ____ from Heathrow at 9.30, and after a seven-hour flight landed in New York... at 11.30. Our friends Brad and Carol picked ____ at the airport and took us to the hotel. Then we all went to look ____ the city. In the evening Brad and Carol dropped us ____ the hotel again. Tomorrow we're checking ____ after breakfast and setting ____ on our grand tour of America. I can't wait! 1. We have to hit the ____ early tomorrow if we want to arrive before dark. 2. The cafe was off the beaten ____; except for us there were only local people on it. 3. I missed the last bus into town but I managed to thumb a ____ with a lorry driver. 4. I pack only what's necessary. I prefer to travel ____. 5. We were lucky; the hostel was a stone's ____ from the beach. hit the road - ____ off the beaten track - ____ thumb a lift - ____ travel light - ____ a stone's throw - ____





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