1) Which of these would you not find at an airport? a) departure longe b) platform c) check-in 2) Which of these would you not find on a train? a) compartment b) cabin c) dining car 3) Which of these is usually by sea? a) expedition b) excursion c) voyage 4) Which two adjectives can you use to describe a view? a) overcrowded b) stunning c) breathtaking 5) Which two words fit the collocation: to ___ a room? a) vacate b) depart c) book 6) Which preposition completes all three phrasal verbs: to see someone ___; to set ___ on a journey; to take ___? a) off b) on c) up 7) Who is going to see you off at the airport? a) meet you b) say goodbye to you c) recognise you 8) Sorry, I can't give you a lift there. a) drive you b) hand you a lift c) let you use the lift 9) They always check in at the airport so late that they have to run to the gate. a) buy their tickets b) check the timetable c) register





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