1) (Miałaś) an exam yesterday? 2) (Jak ci minęły) your holiday? 3) (On nie bedzie) a businessman. He's terrible at Maths. 4) (Ona kupowała) a book yesterday. 5) Their cousins were playing the piano when he (upuścił telefon). 6) We (buy/ two/ sandwich) for lunch yesterday. 7) I (not/ask) size 38. I wanted size 39. 8) When we went shopping Mona (try/four) shirts in the shop, but non of them fitted her. 9) (There/be/lots of) interesting shops in the town five years ago. 10) (Przeczytałeś) your favourite book? 11) (you/buy) anything nice last Saturday? 12) We (not be) at home yesterday at 6 o'clock. 13) We went shopping and I (buy / coat) and some shoes. 14) I (buy / CD) when I saw a friend from school. 15) My mum (enjoy/find) interesting food in that market yesterday. 16) (be) there of people in town yesterday?




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