1) We ________ our friends yesterday. a) meet b) met c) see d) seen 2) Rebecca __________ his grandma 4 days ago. a) visit b) visited c) visitted 3) Children _________ really happy yesterday. a) was b) were c) been 4) ________ you go to school last Monday? a) Were b) Do c) Did 5) Did you ____________ a song yesterday? a) sing b) sang c) sung 6) Where did you ________ your lunch? a) ate b) eaten c) eat 7) I ___________ do my homework. I'm sorry. a) did b) not c) didn't 8) Where ____________ you last weekend? a) were b) did c) was 9) I didn't __________ with her last month. a) talked b) talk c) spoke 10) We ____________ to Turkey three months ago. a) gone b) go c) went 11) She __________ at work. She __________ at home. a) wasn't; was b) weren't; were c) didn't; did 12) _______ they ________ to the cinema yesterday? a) Did; go b) Were; be c) Did; went d) Were; go




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