1) The principles and philosophy of the police created by Peel is embedded into which legal document? a) PACE b) Police Code of Ethics c) Police Act 1996 2) The police are the servants of the public and the law? a) True b) False 3) The police relies on the consent of the public and this is achieved by a) Following codes of practice and react appropriately to crime b) Ensuring all those recruited are suitably trained for the role c) allowing discretion within the service d) upholding the law with minimal use of force 4) Police need to maintain what 2 things of the public in order to perform their duty a) Respect and Authority b) Support and Criticisms c) Respect and Support d) Control and Authority 5) Which of these are the aims of the police a) keep the peace and maintain order b) protect life and property c) prevent, detect and investigate crime d) bring offenders to justice e) All of these 6) Many police powers are given under PACE 1984 a) True b) False 7) Where does the majority police's funding come from? a) Local council tax b) Government c) Charging for services 8) How much did funding fall by between 2010 and 2018? a) 5% b) 10% c) 15% d) 19& 9) How many regional police forces are there? a) 20 b) 43 c) 76 d) 52 10) Which of these specialists organisations are UK-wide a) The Border Force b) CID c) Major Crime Team d) The Information and Communication Technology 11) Which of these is not a type of specialist policing  a) Unarmed b) Crime Commissioner c) SOCO's d) Special Constables e) Police Community Support Officers f) SO15 12) The CPS was set up under the Prosecution of Offences Ac 1985 a) False b) True 13) Which of these is not a value that underpins the work of the CPS? a) Independence and Fairness b) Honesty and Openness c) Treating everyone with respect d) behaving professionally e) equality and inclusion f) Diligence and teamwork 14) The CPS is mainly funded by donations from the public a) True b) False 15) How many regional area teams prosecute cases locally? a) None b) 5 c) 14 d) 43 16) Which role heads up the regional teams? a) The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police b) Chief superintendent c) Chief Crown Prosecutor d) Chief constable 17) How many court judges are there roughly? a) 12 b) 3,000 c) 5,000 d) 250 e) 43 18) How many principles are there in the guide to judicial conduct 2016 a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 f) 6 19) Which one of these is the description propriety, one of the 6 principles a) not being bias b) being honest c) being equal and fair d) the knowledge to do the job e) upholding society's standards and morals f) being independent and free from government 20) What are is the name of one of the two oaths judges swear to a) The Oath of Society b) The oath of allegiance c) the judges oath 21) What is the basic role of the judiciary a) interpret and apply the law b) Pass appropriate sentences c) Support the jury in decision making d) See good in everyone 22) Judges have to retire at the age of 75 a) False b) True 23) Preventing potential re-offending by changing the lives of offenders is how prison describes its purpose a) False b) True 24) The prison service has three main aims, which one of these is incorrect a) to protect people from harm b) to help people who have offended to rehabilitate c) to deter offenders from re-offending d) to hold prisoners securely and implement sentences 25) This is the description of which category prison - 'Do not require maximum security, but for whom escape still needs to be made very difficult a) A b) B c) C d) D 26) Which category prison is an open prison a) A b) B c) C d) D 27) What are the three types of IEP levels a) Basic, Standard and Enhanced b) Basic, Standard and Superior c) Simple, Basic and Standard d) Basic, Simple and Max e) 1,2 & 3 28) The national probation service focuses on the causes of crime rather than the crime they have committed a) false b) true 29) Which of these do the probation service not supervise a) Those given fines b) Those given community sentences c) Those on licence 30) Community rehabilitation companies provide probation services for low risk offenders only a) True b) False 31) How do CRC's get paid? a) Tax b) Donations c) By MoJ for meeting their targets d) HMPPS 32) Who do the NPS communicate with when the offender committed a violent or sexual crime, or is detained as a mental health patient? a) The offender themselves b) The offenders family c) Witnesses d) The victim 33) Nacro is a social justice charity that seeks to change lives, strengthen communities and... a) lower offending rates b) Prevent crime c) consider the backgrounds of offenders when being sentenced d) join campaigns 34) Which one of these does not fund nacro a) public donations b) government grants c) local council tax d) contracts




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