Correct: Beethoven wrote many symphonies., Elephants are the largest land mammals., Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun., Many people order pizza to be delivered., Camping is one type of holiday., Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen., When it comes to a smartphone, I prefer an iPhone., Psychology is the study of the human mind., A doctor has many years of education., We learn different things, such as English, arts, maths., It's raining now. , Smoking is bad for your health. , Oranges contain both calcium and vitamin C., The fastest land dwelling creature is the cheetah., Incorrect: Beethoven was the greatest composer., Elephants are funny., Mercury is the most interesting planet., Pizza with black olives is delicious., The best holiday is going camping., I like to drink water., A trip to Hawaii is a wonderful gift to receive., It is important to study English literature at college., Going to the doctor is scary., In my opinion, law and police are a good thing., Education is better than war., It's going to rain later., Smoking is relaxing., It is wrong for people under 21 to drink alcohol.,





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