1) I love eating strawberries with ... .  a) milk b) butter c) cream 2) We had some ... sandwiches for lunch. a) cheese b) ham c) butter 3) My dad never eats bread without ... . a) butter b) cheese c) cream 4) My favorite Polish food is ... chops. We call it 'schabowy'. a) beef b) pork c) meat 5) Adam is not vegetarian. He loves meat! His favorite type is ... . a) beef b) chicken c) pork 6) Mum bought some ... in the supermarket yesterday. a) ham b) cheese c) chicken 7) In summer, we love eating grilled ... . a) sausages b) ham c) prawns 8) Ben loves salads, especially the ... and ... one. a) cabbage and carrots b) carrots and potatoes c) cabbage and tomatoes 9) People believe that vampires are afraid of ... . a) onions b) cabbage c) garlic 10) My grandma makes the best ... juice! a) strawberry b) cherry c) apple 11) Have you ever tried ... ? a) watermelons b) melons c) lemons 12) Charlie eats a lof of fish. His favorite one is ... . a) tuna b) salmon c) prawns


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